My story as a photographer begins in 2014, when I decided to try something new, and I signed up to a workshop with 2 great Mexican photographers, Arturo Juárez and Alfredo Real Granados, and 4 days later acquired my first Nikon reflex camera.

What began as a hobby, took shape and became my passion. In the Memory Hunters association, I started a weekly training with some of the best photographers in my city. I took workshops in lighting, editing (Lr and Ps), composition, wedding photography, fashion photography, babies photography, landscape photography, etc., which enabled me to create my style and brand.

In July 2019, chasing a dream, I move to France from Mexico, and started from scratch. I stayed active in photography, portraying France’s incredible cities, but it was not until a year later when I decide to bet everything to purse my passion and work full time as a film photographer in the Occitanie region, in the south of France. In this style of photography, I found the opportunity to gain a lot of experience by doing an average of 15 photoshoots per day (especially with families and couples).

After this, I started a project to continue photography on my own, working first on the ski slopes of Méribel, in Savoie (French Alps), then in the city of Nice and now in the world capital of love, Paris. In the most touristic city in the world, I find so many beautiful people, that I photoshoot with the most amazing backgrounds, allowing me to capture their love immortalizing unique moments, and to fill me with their good energy.

I use a Nikon D8100 (36 MP), with an AF-S Nikkor 24 – 120 mm f 4 G lens and a Godox A200 Pro flash.

I speak French, English and Spanish.